An unusual hotel Crazy Bear in Oxfordshire

The name of the hotel Crazy Bear located in the British County of Oxfordshire, translated as “the crazy bear”. The school is a rustic four-star mini-hotel consisting of 17 rooms. It is located just a quarter of an hour’s drive from the air-transport hub of the County.

Such an unusual name it was called not in vain, because each room is unique and is worthy to be recognized as a work of art. In one of the rooms door and the walls upholstered in red leather, and the ceiling and floor are curved to such an extent that everyone is trapped in this room, just wouldn’t believe his eyes at the possibility of this design.

There is a mini-hotel Black room where all the furniture and household items designed in the romantic style of the eighteenth century and is contrasted by gold-plated decor. In contrast to the luxury Black White minimalist room is created in which the entire interior is designed in strict geometric forms without any frills.

Mint room will appeal to couples in love. Pale green shade will give the room a feeling of spring, freshness and happiness. From the Mint room will take you to a small terrace, where on Sunny days you can happily sunbathe.

Everything in “Crazy bear” is unusual. Ancient baths in each of the rooms are on sosedstvy luxury beds, champagne flowing straight from the taps, and the ceilings covered with satin.

Reading about Kostroma hotel azimuth reviews really understand what level of service is the same. The tourists, who managed to spend the weekend at the hotel celebrating not only extravagant and very expensive entourage of each of the rooms and pleasant atmosphere of restaurants English and Thai cuisines located in this school. In addition to restaurants, Crazy Bear has a pool, bar, luxurious garden and several small rooms for private dinners. For the pleasure to spend a day and night at Crazy Bear you have to pay 330 dollars, but the money spent will be compensated unforgettable experiences and service at the highest level.

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