An unusual hotel for the whole family

Everyone is familiar with the fact that with the onset of the pores of the holidays, many of us are faced with the question of where and how to spend your vacation. Here everybody has his own preferences.

One likes a quiet holiday on the beach or in a forest camp at raki, others prefer a more energetic vacation in a hike on mountain trails, and some tend to even such extreme activities as surfing and rafting.

But wherever you decided to spend your vacation, in most cases, you will have to live in hotels. Their enormous variety: from five-star chic, to the humble, but nevertheless cute family-run pensions where you will be guaranteed a comfortable stay in peace and comfort.

Specialists of American architectural Studio Blank Studio was developed the project of small area for one family. This project was named “House in shadow”. Place for its construction was chosen a quiet place situated far away from noisy cities in the mountains of Phoenix. There in the silence and remoteness from the noise of traffic and civilization can to ensure a wonderful holiday.

This secluded location, surrounded by mountains, where you can see grazing sheep. creates a special atmosphere of relaxation and peace. During the Hiking you can enjoy the purest mountain air, listening to the birds. Here everything slowly and calmly that raspologaetsya in a hurry and to turn away from the bustle of the city, accompanying him for a year.

The layout of the house is thoroughly thought out taking into account the wishes and needs of the modern family. Under the wavy roof is living space, divided into blocks. Due to its unusual shape, the roof contributes to the dispersion of the direct sunlight.

The hotel territory is fenced by a fence of carved original. On site there is a nice cozy corners where you can spend time in the shade, and a swimming pool. Outside, the house impresses with elegance of forms, but inside it is pleasantly surprising with its unusual interior. The interior design architects and designers come creative, they used the most modern materials.

Almost the entire interior is designed in the concept of minimalism. The walls and ceiling white. Details of the interior and the floors made of natural wood. Soft furnishings also understated light colors. Despite the minimalist interior, the guests does not add up discomfort. On the contrary, nothing distracting, adjusts to relaxation and creates a feeling of comfort and peace.

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