An unusual hotel in Iceland

Not far from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, volcano Handgel hotel “ion Luxury adventure”. This amazing building, the shape looks like a spaceship. And massive piles, on which rests his forward-jutting part, shrouded emanating from the geyser clouds of steam, creates the impression that the hotel is floating in the air. In Iceland widely used alternative fuels, and “ion Luxury adventure” is no exception. It is heated by geothermal sources. The hotel architecture is characterized by the use of recycled materials and of waste from the activities of volcanoes. Upon entering the hotel, the visitor immediately gets into the special atmosphere of Iceland.

The hotel is decorated with furniture made from handed down to the ocean fin. In the interior of the 46 rooms of the hotel are very interesting part of the pieces of lava and ash from volcanoes.

All rooms have panoramic Windows allowing guests without leaving the hotel, to see the beautiful landscapes of the Icelandic nature. The hotel has a restaurant “Silfra” bar and “Northern lights”. The restaurant is named after a famous gorge formed between the North American and Eurasian technicalmilitary.

His menus feature based on local recipes of national dishes. In the bar “nomad” tourists can enjoy the national drink of brennivin. This lounge bar is famous for the fact that, while it is especially convenient to observe the Northern lights. The Spa at the hotel, except for sauna and the usual set of services offers a bath at a hot terminal of the source. In addition, visitors to the Spa can take, which use volcanic ash. At a distance of 18 kilometers from the hotel, Thingvellir national Park, founded in 1928. On its territory there are the biggest in Iceland lake Tingvadlavatn.

These amazingly beautiful places are popular with tourists. They also brought in well-known tourist route “Golden ring of Iceland”. The hotel “ion Luxury adventure” attracts tourists for its unusual architecture and comfort, as well as the proximity of the popular among diving enthusiasts, the gorge Silfra. The gorge is filled with amazingly clear and warm water. A beautiful maze of caves formed in the pores of volcanic rocks, leave no one indifferent. Double room in hotel “ion Luxury adventure” per person per night is € 276.

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