Australia, the famous kangaroo island!

Australia jokingly called kangaroo island. Here arrives a lot of people from all over the world certainly not only to look at kangaroos. Here is like an alien planet, unknown and delightful. It surpasses the sky-high dreams and expectations. This is the rarest plants and animals around the world. But apart from natural beauty, there are beautiful beach on which you want to relax forever, Royal Botanical garden, the largest in Sydney, a zoo with various animals, ancient architectural buildings and glittering skyscrapers, which at night are just charming.

If you do decide to visit this Paradise, it’s better to do during the Velvet season. But you should know that it ends at the end of April. At this time of year it is already possible to swim, because the water temperature at the beaches does not fall below 20oC. Hotel Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Bay welcomes the tourists with its large Windows and offers to swim in his pool, which is located right on the roof.

For those who want to learn more about the history of Australia best option to stop will be Medusa hotel, which is housed in the mansion of the XIX century. This hotel is perfect for fans of museums, because for sightseeing options and local attractions go very close.

Only one beach worth to visit this island. More precisely even not one, but several. Here each beach has its own, so to speak, the name. The most popular is considered the cream of youth Glamourama. Of course for those who want to see beautiful girls in bikinis or muscular guys on the surf boards, April is not the best time to relax. Usually at this time local ladies wear on the beach in jackets broadtail, of course on top of the bikini.

Also Sydney is a great destination for those who love not only active, but also delicious to eat. Restaurants with bad food is definitely not. If You have the time and money, can check. Everyone will find what he wants, whether it’s meat, salad or cheese. Everything is cooked very high quality and delicious. No dazzling scenery outside the window, because such food is simply impossible to look away. After a hearty meal will want to sleep. But there are also more pleasant, for example in a place like SPA. On the island there are whole hotels SPA. But local fashionistas in addition to beauty salons, still love to visit the SPA party. Usually these parties Namasmarana and pomaded young people splashing in the pool under the open sky.

And the most important thing. The holidays, will be in vain without buying memorabilia. Not necessarily go to the boutiques in search of gifts for themselves and their loved ones. You can just walk around the market. Of course, many at this word prevail against the terrible doubts, but do not worry. The Australian market is something incredible and awesome, it’s a real treasure cave. It is possible to buy a real outfit Princess from a fairy tale, made of chiffon and satin with lace or necklace unusually large size.

In General, here are the most pink wishes and dreams. By the way, you can even buy a real pink diamond. Making all purchases and prodev some new clothes, you can go to the Great barrier reef is the largest coral reef on Earth. His nickname is Australian Caribbean. For the pleasure to swim among colorful fish, turtles and maybe even see reef sharks, is quick to learn how to scuba dive.

After walking to museums, restaurants, markets and plenty nakupavshis, we can proceed to the main point – the purchase of Souvenirs. Kangaroo island will represent the aboriginal painting that you can buy in any art gallery. Children can buy Souvenirs toy koalas and boots Ugg. The same friends will be very pleased to receive a gift of something tasty, such as beef jerky, cheese or a bottle of local wine!

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