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Hotels on the first line of Cuba

The chic Varadero. the stunning island of Cayo Coco hotels Cuba on the first line define the atmosphere of the resorts on the island. Unbridled joy, a variety of recreation programs and some of the best beaches on the planet in the first half of the 20th century did Cuba popular Caribbean resort.

In all resorts of Cuba, both on the mainland and on the Islands, hotels on the first line is the best. Many belong to well-known chains, most often Spanish. They work on the system “all inclusive” with free access to local alcoholic beverages. Famous discos and Nightclubs are also located in the popular 5-star hotels or near them.

Almost all Cuban hotels on the coast have their own protected beaches, where there are no local population, and umbrellas and sunbeds for hotel guests free of charge.

Hotels on the first line close to Havana

Hotels Cuba on 1 line in Varadero are perfect for children’s activities: here is a rare big waves and storms, beaches protected by a coral reef, the water is clean and warm. In Varadero, there are direct flights from Russia. and the road from Havana not tedious, it takes 1.5-2 hours.

The most famous hotels on the beachfront in Varadero – Sol Melia, Iberostar. Many local hotels have their “own” small reefs, where tourists swim with masks and go diving.

The emerald coast of Cuba

The luxury resort of Holguin at the emerald coast of the island (Playa Esmeralda) has excellent hotels, which are mostly on 1 line. The room rates are higher here than in Varadero, as the level of service.

The food in the hotels in Cuba on 1 line

Many tourists who are accustomed to a high level of service and high quality varied diet, fear that socialist Cuba has lagged behind the global standard of tourism services. But it’s not. In restaurants hotels 3-5* food in sufficient quantity, prepare Creole, Spanish, Caribbean dishes. The shortage of meat, dairy products in the stores does not affect the supply of hotel for foreigners.

For families with children in Cuba in the hotel on the first line it is better to choose the all-inclusive, in other cases you can take half Board, hotels always include cafes, bars and restaurants.

Prices for eating out depend on the popularity of the place. But, in any case, they can be several times higher than that in a cafe to the local. For tourists in Cuba has its own pricing system.

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