Historic hotel in the centre of Montbeliard

In Montpelier brought us football. So the hotel had to book right here. The choice fell on “Bristol” from the following considerations. Location — the centre is not. The price is 80 euros for 3-bed room. Your garage 5 Euro per day (we travelled from Zurich by car). Good for a city hotel, Breakfast for 4.5 euros. In an old historical building, what to select? (the alternative was a hostel in Sochaux with free Parking for 29 euros/night for three, something zastrelis we had to go there, and the stadium after the match to reach 4 km away, and the only one).

The hotel made us several surprises of different polarity.

Arrival. While the car figured out where to go, wound several miles through the city. Our map in the Navigator proved insufficient, and our street it was not. The city itself is divided the train tracks with only two tunnels under the tracks, plus major roads in the center — so we twirled. Went on a sign for the hotel was turned off early, got to the Parking lot in front of the castle, back on the road back, setting the hook on 3 kilometers and the hotel was on a street running parallel to the road but there not. When folded correctly, was necessary to enter the pedestrian street. I stopped before the entrance and for a long time refused to go farther, while his friends did not find the police, and they confirmed that indeed our hotel entrance partly peresechnoye. Okay, got. With garage not deceived, though, this is fine.

Arrangement. The four-storey property with high ceilings. Finish all in pastel colours. There is no lift. The building is old, has decided not to reconstruct. Us anything, second floor. In rooms of old furniture, too, as if bleached by hydrogen peroxide, in the tone of the atmosphere — all great. And here’s the Shocker. The bathroom not only combined, it is business as usual, but the entrance has no door. The room only a curtain in the shower. Victor said it was cool, as indeed in the old days, but. each behaves in the toilet differently, and then have to control the sounds, not one in the room.

In General the hotel is like, really unusual. I’ve never been before.

Location 5

Number 3

Cleanliness 4

Service 4

Food 4

Price/quality 4

Additional information:

150 meters from the train.d.station, 2 km. from 36 tracks

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