Hotel “Intercontinental Carlton” in Cannes

Intercontinental Carlton in Cannes, the Palace of stars, star palaces!

Cannes with its famous Croisette and the Carlton hotel every may remind yourself to the world. Since 1946 there’s an international film festival every year the famous red carpet of the Palais des festivals collects 4000 journalists and 250,000 visitors. The social life of the festival revolves around InterContinental Carlton, which contributes to the magic of this holiday by assigning each year the President of the jury one of its most prestigious apartments, taking in the legendary rooms of the stars of world cinema and arranging unforgettable parties on the beach and in one of the luxury halls of the hotel — Le Grand Salon.

Run of the year, come new and leaving the old stars of the film festival, but one thing remains constant — the Chairman of the jury of the Cannes film festival has always lived in the Carlton hotel. Quentin Tarantino has heard of the Cannes film festival back when I was a child, and dreamed of three things: to be in the contest to win the “Palme d’or” and become the Chairman of the jury of the festival — what more could you want when all the desires are fulfilled? By tradition, the Chairman of the jury every evening during the film festival hosts a party in the luxurious halls of the hotel Carlton and every evening priglashyonnye guests. The task of the staff to make sure that no one party was not repeated, and Carlton fails with the festival organizers more than a dozen years!

And how many funny stories associated with celebrities, remember the main hotel Concierge Stefan Pancholi who has worked at the Carlton for over 30 years. So, Gina Lollobrigida loved to arrive with big basket in which fit 7 of her favorite Chihuahua. Stellar diva put the basket on the sofa in the hotel lobby and go to the bar, and dogs at that time jumped from the cart and ran in different directions, and the Concierge had to catch them under the heart-rending cries of the stars. Or, for example, Diana Ross could demand at 5 am to give her to the porch at the pink limousine, and the road to it for her to strew petals of pink roses… … and a lot of funny moments — so, once Sidney Crawford and Charlton Heston got in such a tight circle of fans that were forced to hide in a niche at half-hour Concierge on the floor under the counter. Certainly there are a lot of funny stories associated with the presence of celebrities at the Carlton hotel, but the Concierge keeps silence, and the hint about the money only raises an eyebrow in surprise.

Cannes film festival is one of the most rigorous festivals on etiquette: no matter how expensive the suit you were wearing, no matter how loud you celebrity no matter — if a man has no neck butterflies, he will not be allowed in the Palais des festivals. Saves all the same Concierge at the Carlton who always has 3-4 in stock butterflies, and the list of stars who have used these butterfly car rentals, so impressive that the hotel just right to hold a charity auction.

The InterContinental Carlton Cannes is not only a Palace for the stars, but the star of the movie were filmed here cinematic masterpieces: grace Kelly and Cary Grant lived for more than a month at the Carlton hotel during the filming of the cult film of Hitchcock “to Catch a thief”, Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline captured a hall, the beach and the legendary staircase at the creation of the painting “French kiss”. And recently, during the filming of the movie “Anthony Zimmer”, Sophie Marceau lived in the Carlton hotel. In honor of this beautiful actress was named one of the luxurious suites on the top floor.

The hotel perfect location on the Croisette, and he lives in pace with world events, next to the large and small history. The construction of the hotel began in 1909, however, to appreciate all its magnificence, he had to wait until 1913. For a whole century, the InterContinental Carlton haven’t aged a day, and now the honor is in his best form that will show the twelve-month celebration. 10 October 1984 the building in the art Deco style belongs to the category of historical monuments. It features a two-tone elegant facade, decorated with stucco, and two of the rotunda, the shape of which is said to be copied from the chest Belle Otero.

Now the hotel InterContinental Carlton 343 rooms of which 39 are suites. It is enough to walk through the corridors of the hotel and look at the front doors of the apartments, among which you will find a Suite of Clint Eastwood, they solemnly opened in 1994, suites Milos Forman and Isabelle Adjani on the 3rd floor, suites by Roman Polanski and Dirge bogarde on the 5th floor. Not so long ago, on the 7th floor of the hotel, there’s 10 luxurious suites with panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea, are equipped with the latest technology and is the epitome of refinement and elegance. New apartments, each ranging from 100 to 400 square meters, fully occupy the top floor of the hotel. Carlton, in which hovers the spirit of the movie stars of Hollywood, paid tribute to modern celebrities, calling these apartments “Elton John”, “Sophia Loren”, “Sean Connery”, etc.

Serves spicy southern cuisine and get pleasure from the food in the restaurants and bars is a real treat! In the year of the 100th anniversary of the Carlton Sunday brunch will be accompanied by music. Since October 28, 2012 every second Sunday in the Grand salon of the hotel during brunch will sound the melodies of the days of the Belle époque. Guests can enjoy dishes beautifully arranged on racks, the sounds of violins, double basses, piano and other instruments. Its 100th anniversary, the hotel InterContinental Carlton is going to mark the 12th century dishes: the menu will include baked lobster “the Beautiful Otero” the noodles “Carlton”, maltanskim scallops with lemon, potato-onion casserole with duck, beef fillet Wellington, bourgeois layer cake with filling, meat pies young partridges “Mikhailovich”, beef fillet with cognac and souffle of potatoes with pepper, poultry fillets “Beautiful era” with Supreme sauce baked catfish with savory sour cream and caviar, pheasant “Suvorov” and the back of poached turbot with hollandaise sauce. Every or almost every dish involves some kind of story or anecdote.

The salon is an integral part at the twenty-first century, as well as an oasis of calm and serenity. Your beauty deserves the best, so a team of professionals ready to deal with you day in 1 of 4 beauty treatment rooms areas of beauty (3 office and 1 office-hairdresser). Hotel facilities: beauty treatments, massages, make-up session. And, of course, all this with the use of products the most famous brands — from Clinica Yvo Pitanguy famous Brazilian plastic surgeon and Opale, produced entirely in Monaco. Makeup products used the most popular brand in the world of professional cosmetics By Terry. For the 100th anniversary at the salon InterContinental Carlton has developed two sets of treatments for women and men. And maintain the shape of guests around the clock in the fitness room.

In the lobby at 52 weeks will be held under the sign of flowers. Firm amounted to Sabine Flowers floral arrangements depicting the history of the hotel from the Belle époque in 1910 to the present day.

There are places that remember the fragrance. Sometimes this fragrance is ineffable, but nonetheless recognizable. The InterContinental Carlton is just such a place! To commemorate its 100 anniversary, the hotel launched its own perfume for rooms Carlton home perfume by Molinard will offer them their best clients. Making spirits surrounded in mystery — it is known that the basis of the composition of lemon, and the effect of deception is achieved by playing the notes of his lungs. Life is beautiful!

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