Hotel – the Mardan Palace!

The hotel, built by Russian billionaire at a Turkish resort, the eyeballs filled with kings, sheiks and princes.

Ismailov himself about the closing belonging to him, the largest in Moscow Cherkizovsky market not sad – digs at his hotel and riding in Antalya on “rolls–the Royce”.

The best is the enemy of the good

Opened this hotel with the pump. Were invited Mariah Carey, Yuri Luzhkov and celebrities from Hollywood. It was in every tabloid in the world. They say, such ambitions and spending crazy. Half a billion dollars for the construction of the resort! The idea is everything should be just… wow! So I was wondering: will there still be heart with delight? The looks of the building, the cost of which would reside in the crisis. Generally if the hotel already? And people going there?

As it turned out, trips to the “Mardan” for sale everywhere. But the operators always wind, so I called the hotel directly.

– Good day! – telling. – Is it possible to book a room?

– Yes, of course, purrs the operator (I switched to English-speaking reception). – But it depends on what apartment you are interested in.

If I am interested in duplex for two thousand euros in succes Jacuzzi and a personal Butler, then sorry – they are booked. Rather, the redeemed “masters” for the summer. Cheap rooms with Hammam (Turkish sauna) for 800 Euro too clogged. So I can settle only in economy class.

– Unless, of course, apologetic voice he continued, such an option will suit you. The room costs 355 euros per night.

– Sorry, of course. Well, I have just a couple of days – beautiful, – feigned a sigh, knowing that the longer the trip, the editors will not pull. – Let’s really there. Tomorrow arrive.

Antalya is customary to douse the heat. Taxi speeding in the direction of “Mardan”.

– Madam! – with a bow that opens up the door Butler.

– That’s really true what they say: the best is the enemy of the good, I think, looking look the hall. Too much gold: they covered the columns, walls and stair railings. Where there is no gold, a pile of twinkling Swarovski crystals. In the middle of the plush sofas in the Oriental style. And seemingly enough, but the balcony they loaded the piano from green malachite. The impression that Ismailov is not just invested in the hotel, and forcibly shoved them into a box, into which they would climb. Initially planned to spend only 500 million – and himself said in an interview. But for two years, spending has tripled. Experts say it is unwise, in such hands, the hotel will be repaid in two hundred years (the standard “five stars” make a profit for the seventh year). But it seems that Ismailov did not consider “Mardan” as a source of income. It is rather an image project on which he spent money. And they’re all shit! – not over and not over. The result was a luxury, bordering on bad taste. The hotel resembles a pirated copy of the Hermitage. With the paintings. In plain view – the portrait of an elderly man in the skullcap. Under the picture engraved gold – Mardan Ismailov. This is the father “Cherkizovsky” oligarch, after whom the hotel is named. Slightly to the right – hour reception. While staring at the sides, the girl in English requires a passport.

Let us show you the hotel, – after the paperwork jumped swarthy hottie by the name of Zarina (half of the staff are immigrants from the CIS, but because I know Russian).

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