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Rich resort of Crimea

Theodosius is the only city in the Crimea, which preserved its ancient name. Founded by Greek merchants from Miletus, on the age of the city is the same age as Rome and Athens. Today is one of the largest black sea resorts. It has everything: beaches, mineral springs, favorable for the improvement of climatic conditions, and mud baths, sanatoria, hotels and holiday homes. Anyway, this city developed comprehensively.

In addition to tourism, the economy of Feodosiya is supported by the field of the wine industry, which also is of great interest to tourists. Mild weather conditions, favorable for growing grapes, put the Crimean resorts in one row with famous wine regions of France and Italy. A romantic image of the resort is supported by laudatory references in art and literature.


Feodosiya is a modern independent transport knot of Crimea, that is actually from the resort can be reached in any other city of the Peninsula, and not only. For example, here also there are direct trains from Kiev and Moscow, while their number is significantly increased by the summer. Communication takes place by rail, road and sea transport. And 30 km from the town in the village of Kirov raspolozenija that accepts all types of aircraft.

Passenger transportation produced mainly by licensed transport companies and large taxi companies.

Important part of the economy of the city is the work of the Feodosia commercial seaport, in close cooperation with the enterprise on provision of oil products. Besides the usual work, namely freight transport, the port is engaged in sightseeing activities, arranging trips on the Feodosia Bay, and to the foot of the extinct volcano Karadag.


If you want to go on vacation in Theodosia and purchased a guide on the resort, there You will see a picture of one of the major cultural monuments of the city and its symbols – the Dacha stamboli. Inside, visitors are presented a Museum exhibition and restoration and exhibition center of underwater archaeology.

Fanciful Oriental Palace stands out against the modern buildings of the resort. Built in the Moorish style and surrounded by evergreen trees, it is proof of the wealth and grandeur of the merchant family stamboli. Marble fountains, towers and a huge winter garden are complemented by a luxurious interior. Today to go inside everyone can, by becoming a visitor of the namesake restaurant and hotel complex.

Another monument of Eastern culture in this region is an Ottoman Imperial mosque Mufti-Jami, built in 1623. Due to this Muslim cult building in the middle ages Feodosiya compared with Istanbul.

Of the oldest institutions of the resort, albeit of a different nature, also is part of the Feodosia Museum of local lore. The Museum of antiquities was opened in the first half of the nineteenth century. His Foundation contains a variety of ethnographic and documentary materials, a collection of old postcards of species, minerals, and fossils.

Local history Museum is situated on the Avenue Aivazovsky – famous marine painter. Fans of this trend of painting needs to look at the National picture gallery named after I. K. Aivazovsky, where a collection of outstanding masters of painting. The Museum exposition represents not only the artist but also introduces the history of his family. And in the nearby house of his sister, paintings by the contemporaries and disciples of Ivan Aivazovsky.

The resort fell in love with not only artists, but also writers. Theodosius was one of the favorite cities of Alexander green. The writer moved here in 1924, and during the lifetime of the resort has created some of his famous stories, including “Golden chain” and “Running on waves”. In our days you can see the house in the same condition in which it was during the life of the novelist. Now here is the literary-memorial Museum. And near the Museum the hotel is located Miletus. Theodosius, in General, rich in cozy hotels with great choice of the offered services. Besides, prices for additional services is acceptable.

Theodosius, moreover, was the favorite resort of Marina and Anastasia tsvetaevas. The memorial Museum has preserved things from the apartment, which rented the sisters, arriving at summer vacation from Moscow.

An important element of the city, which creates a romantic atmosphere, is Ilinskiy lighthouse. Cape Elijah in Feodosia Bay is shrouded in frightening stories of broken ships. This became the impetus for the construction of the lighthouse. Initially at the Cape built a chapel of St. Elias, in order to denote the passing sailors a dangerous place. Over time, the chapel was replaced by a primitive indicative device, made of wood. Now on this place stands a white lighthouse with a height of 15 meters.

Active recreation in Feodosia

Making review sites that any traveler will want to move on to active, probably even extreme rest. In Feodosia opportunities for this abound.

From 1st April to 1st November for those wishing to get acquainted with the glider and make air walk works paragliding club “breeze”. Paragliding with professional instructor gives you the opportunity to see the earth from the bird’s eye view and those who do not have special training. And yet, in Feodosiya the Museum of hang gliding, which tells of the creation and development of the sport and is the original model of the aircraft.

Land lovers of extreme sports can go jeeping tour of the legendary sites of the region: the Genoese fortress, klementieva mountain, the Bay of Provato and Quiet with gorgeous wild beaches, the Cape Chameleon. These scenic spots will not leave indifferent any tourist.

In Feodosia, in addition, quite a lot of guest houses and hotels, where various sports facilities. For example, You can go diving, stay at the hotel Scarlet Sails, or boats rented at the hotel Wisteria .

Club life resort

At night the city turns into the centre of club life. At the resort plenty of clubs and discos. The most popular is the “Beach Club 117”. This new architectural concept, executed in a creative style that includes restaurant “Sunrise”, summer bar “Caribbean” and has a private beach. In addition, it regularly hosts the festival the trance music Crimea Trance Fest.

Almost all hotels in Feodosiya also have their own beach, or are located near private: hotel Fort Knox or the hotel sunrise .

Theme clubbing in Feodosia is so popular that there was even a hotel for partygoers Theodosius .

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