In the US burning the famous hotel Waldorf Astoria

Part of guests and staff had to be evacuated on an emergency basis.

Last Thursday, August 4, at new York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel fire occurred. According to official data, some guests and staff had to be evacuated on an emergency basis. According to the administration of, the cause of the fire was a transformer fire in the basement. In extinguishing the fire was attended by 80 firefighters. Insignificant injuries were got by three persons, currently they are in hospitals.

Opened in 1897, the Waldorf Astoria was built for the family of the Astors, Industrialists and traders, the first large state in the USA. Originally it was located on 34th street. The first building – Astoria – raised great-grandson of the founder of the dynasty the Astors John Jacob, and later his cousin William Waldorf was attached to his platoon – Waldorf. In 1929, already well-known all over the world the hotel was demolished, because this place began the construction of a skyscraper Empire State Building, reminds ITAR-TASS.

In 1931, the Waldorf Astoria was built at the new location, in the heart of Manhattan on Park Avenue between 49th and 50th streets. One of the attractions of the world famous hotel are located in the main lobby of trehmetrovaya with above them a miniature replica of the statue of Liberty. The clock is set on a marble pedestal with sculptural reliefs in the form of portraits of historical figures. Made by the London masters of watch was exhibited in 1893 at the world exhibition in Chicago.

Seat twenty guests, the boutique hotel is a popular venue for business meetings and large international meetings. At the Waldorf Astoria stop of all American presidents during his visits to new York. As his residence the hotel is used by many other heads of States attending the annual sessions of the UN General Assembly and other international forums.

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