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Although the British hoteliers are not often among those who haunt the world of original ideas, Albion still managed to differ: the only hotel on the planet for chickens is in the County of Cornwall.

Opening such an unusual school at the end of last year, a resident of the County, David Roberts a few months successfully hid its existence from the media hotel, meanwhile, also successfully worked in conjunction with the opening of the Christmas holiday, Roberts received a 100% occupancy rate.

According to the Creator of the hotel, is the perfect solution for local farmers who now need not fear unexpected visits and to plan well in advance of release: “guests” of guaranteed care for the entire period of stay in the “rooms” (each designed a chicken coop for eight chickens chicken coops in such a hotel).

David Roberts is confident that the holidays will be peak moments at the hotel. By the way, the cost of living in this hotel based on one person, perhaps, has no equal: accommodation one chicken will cost 2.75 per pound per day (the more chickens from a farmer, the greater the discount).

Although Cornish chicken, the hotel does not have analogues in the world, the idea of hotels for animals is not new — in particular, in England recently opened five-star hotel complex “Top Dog” designed for dogs. Vip-hotel in Suffolk accommodates five guests and offers the highest level of service, including the services of a specialized SPA.

To provide a Vip-worthy four-legged reception, the staff carefully studied the preferences of each barking with the client, creating a familiar sleeping conditions and diet. “Top Dog” also offers 16 acres of space for walks and training, the services of a grooming specialist, a Shuttle service to the hotel and back. The cost of this canine life — from 30 pounds a day.

Such luxury for domestic dogs in Russia is not yet available, although the hotel for Pets we have (though they are openly called zoogostinitsa and “stars” do not favor). Another option for accommodation of animals during the absence of owners is the so-called “overexposure” — a sort of apartment. the owners were ready for reward to take care of someone else’s pet.

And if people rent apartment is a budget accommodation option, for dogs over-exposure in the home is the most comfortable option: national zoo hotels — this is, strictly speaking, cells with amenities resembling a zoo cage. It is not up to the SPA complex “dog” treatments!

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