Las Vegas: the best and most famous hotels

Las Vegas is a unique city, which is very centrally located in the midst of the lifeless desert. There’s not a drop of exaggeration: one side of the town are Canyons, and the famous Death Valley.

The main street called Strip . Here are all the most famous hotels of Las Vegas. Between hotels are a tough fight: everyone deserves to be the best. And many of the hotels in the pursuit of fame can organise a free show for everyone. What is not joy for the tourist? Here, hotels are casino where there are no Windows and clocks. That’s why visitors completely lose track of time.

Las Vegas

Hotel “stratosphere” is made in the form of higher towers. At the top of the tower at floor 109, is located a few “deadly rides”.

MGM Grand

“MGM Grand” is the biggest hotel not only in America but all over the world (number of rooms up to 10 (!) thousand). This is why this hotel is so easy to get lost.


Well, the famous luxury hotel “Bellagio” is probably known to all: that it robbed the ocean and his eleven friends.

Caesars Palace

Fans of “the Hangover” can visit the hotel “Caesars Palace”, which was held chemkinetics American Comedy.


Fans of Egypt with its pyramids may be advisable to settle in the hotel “Luxor”.


Connoisseurs and lovers of fairy tales will be pleased gorgeous, majestic hotel “Excalibur”. The hotel is designed in the form of a huge fairytale castle.


In Las Vegas you can see the sights of other countries and cities. For example, to see the Eiffel tower and, moreover, to dine “at the top” visit the hotel “Paris”.

New York

If your dream city is new York- welcome to the hotel of the same name with the famous statue of Liberty.


As strange as it sounds, but many couples come to Las Vegas not for the famous casino of this city of sins, but for the sake of the hotel “Venice”. There always is an incredibly romantic atmosphere: elegant arches, beautiful and cozy streets, and much more.


During the day the city seems to be asleep: no-one about. But in the evening all the glamour of Vegas are flocking to the hotel “cosmopolitan”. Such amount of super expensive cars you have hardly seen! But do not think that “cosmopolitan” is a very strict dress code. Rest assured that you will get inside.

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