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Being a legend among the hotels of the big Apple, Chelsea has long been a local landmark. And it’s not even that you can order a room is rather problematic, given the considerable cost of the latter. The main reason for the popularity of the hotel became quite a rich history. Because Chelsea has become a place where rock music and postmodernism, spreading through the corridors through the rumble of the bass and “naked” texts began its victorious March across the planet.

The hotel’s history began in 1903 when the building was purchased by the previous owner. It is worth noting that even before the opening of the Chelsea, this place already had a reputation as a center of Bohemian life in new York. In the early XX century, 23 the street on which the hotel is located, was something like Broadway. It housed two of the theatre and musical hall that new York at that time was considered a large crowd, especially on the same street.

Just two years later, in 1905, Chelsea has become to attract creative personalities of his time such as mark TWAIN, Tennessee Williams and others. However, the real fame came to him in the late sixties of the last century. Many rock stars, film and art have become frequent guests in these walls. It is the “Chelsea” became the ‘birthplace’ of many hits such znamenitykh as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. Also among the celebrities who worked in this hotel, it’s worth mentioning Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol and Stanley Kubrick, which defined the face of modern art for many years to come.

“Chelsea”- a legendary place in new York . where the spirit of the era did not just fly in the air, and permeated the walls, stairs and corridors of the hotel. Any touch to them lifts a huge strata of history, and disturbing the minds of hundreds of thousands of people. Indicator of past achievements Chelsea is the fact that recently the fans of Bob Dylan arranged a good wave of protests, when the hotel management decided to renovate the famous room 211, where he lived and worked as a musician. Because of the wide public resonance, intervened in the conflict, the city authorities, and all working in the room managed to stop.

Chelsea has become home. In Chelsea some people chose to spend the rest of your life. These include not only the “stars”, but also ordinary guests. But soon they will move out, because on August 2, 2011 on the Internet at the portal there was an announcement of its impending closure.

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