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Australia, the famous kangaroo island!

Australia jokingly called kangaroo island. Here arrives a lot of people from all over the world certainly not only to look at kangaroos. Here is like an alien planet, unknown and delightful. It surpasses the sky-high dreams and expectations. This is the rarest plants and animals around the world. But apart from natural beauty, there are beautiful beach on which you want to relax forever, Royal Botanical garden, the largest in Sydney, a zoo with various animals, ancient architectural buildings and glittering skyscrapers, which at night are just charming.

If you do decide to visit this Paradise, it’s better to do during the Velvet season. But you should know that it ends at the end of April. At this time of year it is already possible to swim, because the water temperature at the beaches does not fall below 20oC. Hotel Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Bay welcomes the tourists with its large Windows and offers to swim in his pool, which is located right on the roof.

For those who want to learn more about the history of Australia best option to stop will be Medusa hotel, which is housed in the mansion of the XIX century. This hotel is perfect for fans of museums, because for sightseeing options and local attractions go very close. Continue reading

An unusual hotel for the whole family

Everyone is familiar with the fact that with the onset of the pores of the holidays, many of us are faced with the question of where and how to spend your vacation. Here everybody has his own preferences.

One likes a quiet holiday on the beach or in a forest camp at raki, others prefer a more energetic vacation in a hike on mountain trails, and some tend to even such extreme activities as surfing and rafting.

But wherever you decided to spend your vacation, in most cases, you will have to live in hotels. Their enormous variety: from five-star chic, to the humble, but nevertheless cute family-run pensions where you will be guaranteed a comfortable stay in peace and comfort.

Specialists of American architectural Studio Blank Studio was developed the project of small area for one family. This project was named “House in shadow”. Place for its construction was chosen a quiet place situated far away from noisy cities in the mountains of Phoenix. There in the silence and remoteness from the noise of traffic and civilization can to ensure a wonderful holiday. Continue reading

Las Vegas: the best and most famous hotels

Las Vegas is a unique city, which is very centrally located in the midst of the lifeless desert. There’s not a drop of exaggeration: one side of the town are Canyons, and the famous Death Valley.

The main street called Strip . Here are all the most famous hotels of Las Vegas. Between hotels are a tough fight: everyone deserves to be the best. And many of the hotels in the pursuit of fame can organise a free show for everyone. What is not joy for the tourist? Here, hotels are casino where there are no Windows and clocks. That’s why visitors completely lose track of time.

Las Vegas

Hotel “stratosphere” is made in the form of higher towers. At the top of the tower at floor 109, is located a few “deadly rides”.

MGM Grand

“MGM Grand” is the biggest hotel not only in America but all over the world (number of rooms up to 10 (!) thousand). This is why this hotel is so easy to get lost. Continue reading

Unusual hotel made of ice

Ice hotel Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, discovered 25 years ago, will be renovated and welcomes its guests already in December of this year.

The hotel is 200 kilometers from the Arctic circle and made entirely of ice and snow. This is truly a miracle of architectural and engineering work.

Every year, hundreds of sculptors from around the world submit their entries in which they offer their own version of the room design for the hotel.

The jury selects some works and invites authors to Sweden in November and December, so their ideas are translated into reality.

This year we selected a few designs to choose from. Ideas for rooms will be very different from rainforest orangutans to unusual work called “Time Piece” (in translation from English. chronometer).

An unusual hotel made of ice

In each room guest will find one bed made of ice blocks, a thick mattress and reindeer skin. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

There is only one place in the world where during the Breakfast meal you will be asking for giraffes, an amazing place of joy and communion with nature Giraff Manor hotel in Kenya.Here come people of all ages, couples with children and couple on honeymoon.

In this wonderful place where giraffes go through the grounds as we have cats on the streets, look in the window, “kissing” their breadwinners as old friends, it is hard to imagine that these animals are close to extinction. In 1974 it was converted into a nursery giraffes Rothschild, a mansion built in 1932 by David Duncan. The ivy-covered mansion is a typical example of blending the colonial style and a Scottish hunting Lodge.

On site there are 10 giraffes, each one of them has a name.Day at the hotel starts at about 7 o’clock in the morning, when the giraffes are hungry and looking in the barred Windows of the rooms and on the balconies. Continue reading

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