The best hotels for a romantic getaway

The Datai, Malaysia

The hotel is located on the Northwest shore of the island of Langkawi (Malaysia). On the one hand – the white sandy beaches of the Andaman sea, with another stunning rainforest.

Ideal for two is a Superior villa . Cozy, elegantly furnished living room, spacious bedroom, and a table for romantic candlelight dinners and a huge bathroom with a rainfall shower. In the morning you will be able to please their mate brewed coffee.

For couples, there are special “Romantic bath” . Try Oriental ceremony with frankincense and sweet orange or romantic bathing with Himalayan oils. But, perhaps, the most mysterious process – “Ritual of love” with this “love potion”.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki, Cook islands

Aitutaki Atoll in the cook Islands archipelago. It is on this island is Pacific Resort Aitutaki . Continue reading

The rest as in the film’s most famous hotels from the movies

To feel yourself a hero of your favorite film, not necessarily buy a suit and learn a role – you can just live there, where was this masterpiece. For example, many of which appear in the films, there are still and take your pick.

Going to the Czech Republic, everyone will be able to walk in the footsteps of movie stars. You can choose Prague hotels prices per room, in which, despite the high level, remain quite reasonable. However, there is in this country hotel, which chose to continue the story about James bond. In the Grandhotel Pupp was filmed a few episodes of “Casino Royale”, however, according to the script, it was not the Czech Republic, and Montenegro.

Favorite picture of all fashionistas of “Sex and the city” made even more famous by several hotels. For example, from the Windows of the Hôtel Plaza Athénée Carrie Bradshaw admired the views of the Eiffel tower, here she stayed with her fiance. This friendly hotel attracts tourists from all over the world. Of course, the rooms here are not cheap, but the quality of accommodation and service are worth the money. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

If a room with a double bed, a private bathroom and a Minibar are standard and boring, welcome to the most unusual hotels in the world . We continue to review the most unusual hotels .

Propeller Island City Lodge in Germany

Fantasy is another name for this hotel. The idea and its development belongs to the German artist and owner Lars Stroshane. The bed in the form of a crypt, mirrors instead of walls, a room with a guillotine and the room with the destroyed wall – all for connoisseurs horor-style. This place equate to a real work of art. So the guests are forbidden to produce .

Crazy bear in England

The hotel’s name translates to English as “crazy bear”. And you can verify that it is justifiable. In one of the rooms accentuated the bleakness blending into the whole decor of gold. The other room has curved walls and ceiling are decorated with upholstery in red leather. The hotel is also famous for a wide selection of English and Thai cuisine. Continue reading

Unusual hotels: trains and planes

To turn the trip into an unusual event will help you stay in unusual hotels. Creatives offer a variety of ideas on placement of hotels in the most unusual places. Today we take a brief overview of hotels that have become local landmarks. All the attention will be paid to the trains and planes and living conditions in them.

The Old Railway Station — the name of the first hotel of our review, which found a secluded place in the building of the old railway station. This place connects its history with the Royal family, as it is for the Prince of Wales in the late 19th century, this station was built. Composition complement the well-known hotel Pullmann cars. The luxury with which the cars were removed, has been preserved until today and kills with its beauty visitors. A night in this hotel will cost from 250 euros.

Railholiday — another hotel-train. For its location he chose Albion. However the history of this hotel is not known to the General public. The whole hotel is in a mail car. Offers to your attention four room apartment. The prices here are more affordable and one day stay here, the visitor will have to pay 100 euros. Continue reading

An unusual hotel Crazy Bear in Oxfordshire

The name of the hotel Crazy Bear located in the British County of Oxfordshire, translated as “the crazy bear”. The school is a rustic four-star mini-hotel consisting of 17 rooms. It is located just a quarter of an hour’s drive from the air-transport hub of the County.

Such an unusual name it was called not in vain, because each room is unique and is worthy to be recognized as a work of art. In one of the rooms door and the walls upholstered in red leather, and the ceiling and floor are curved to such an extent that everyone is trapped in this room, just wouldn’t believe his eyes at the possibility of this design.

There is a mini-hotel Black room where all the furniture and household items designed in the romantic style of the eighteenth century and is contrasted by gold-plated decor. In contrast to the luxury Black White minimalist room is created in which the entire interior is designed in strict geometric forms without any frills.

Mint room will appeal to couples in love. Pale green shade will give the room a feeling of spring, freshness and happiness. From the Mint room will take you to a small terrace, where on Sunny days you can happily sunbathe. Continue reading

The famous hotel
The famous British hotel Savoy sold the piano, which was played by Frank Sinatra A large white piano, which was once played by Frank Sinatra, was sold at Bonhams auction…

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Historic hotels of Italy in ancient castles and fortresses!
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Hotel - the Mardan Palace!
The hotel, built by Russian billionaire at a Turkish resort, the eyeballs filled with kings, sheiks and princes. Ismailov himself about the closing belonging to him, the largest in Moscow…

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