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Kapitan Guest House

Rich resort of Crimea

Theodosius is the only city in the Crimea, which preserved its ancient name. Founded by Greek merchants from Miletus, on the age of the city is the same age as Rome and Athens. Today is one of the largest black sea resorts. It has everything: beaches, mineral springs, favorable for the improvement of climatic conditions, and mud baths, sanatoria, hotels and holiday homes. Anyway, this city developed comprehensively.

In addition to tourism, the economy of Feodosiya is supported by the field of the wine industry, which also is of great interest to tourists. Mild weather conditions, favorable for growing grapes, put the Crimean resorts in one row with famous wine regions of France and Italy. A romantic image of the resort is supported by laudatory references in art and literature. Continue reading

Japan Seasons

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Although the British hoteliers are not often among those who haunt the world of original ideas, Albion still managed to differ: the only hotel on the planet for chickens is in the County of Cornwall.

Opening such an unusual school at the end of last year, a resident of the County, David Roberts a few months successfully hid its existence from the media hotel, meanwhile, also successfully worked in conjunction with the opening of the Christmas holiday, Roberts received a 100% occupancy rate.

According to the Creator of the hotel, is the perfect solution for local farmers who now need not fear unexpected visits and to plan well in advance of release: “guests” of guaranteed care for the entire period of stay in the “rooms” (each designed a chicken coop for eight chickens chicken coops in such a hotel). Continue reading

Hotel “Intercontinental Carlton” in Cannes

Intercontinental Carlton in Cannes, the Palace of stars, star palaces!

Cannes with its famous Croisette and the Carlton hotel every may remind yourself to the world. Since 1946 there’s an international film festival every year the famous red carpet of the Palais des festivals collects 4000 journalists and 250,000 visitors. The social life of the festival revolves around InterContinental Carlton, which contributes to the magic of this holiday by assigning each year the President of the jury one of its most prestigious apartments, taking in the legendary rooms of the stars of world cinema and arranging unforgettable parties on the beach and in one of the luxury halls of the hotel — Le Grand Salon.

Run of the year, come new and leaving the old stars of the film festival, but one thing remains constant — the Chairman of the jury of the Cannes film festival has always lived in the Carlton hotel. Quentin Tarantino has heard of the Cannes film festival back when I was a child, and dreamed of three things: to be in the contest to win the “Palme d’or” and become the Chairman of the jury of the festival — what more could you want when all the desires are fulfilled? By tradition, the Chairman of the jury every evening during the film festival hosts a party in the luxurious halls of the hotel Carlton and every evening priglashyonnye guests. Continue reading

The team at the Gstaad Palace

The hotel is a member of the following organizations:

Leading Hotel of the World

The Gstaad Palace is located in the heart of the Bernese Alps, on a hill with beautiful views of the Saanenland.

Geneva Airport:

160 km / h 1,45

The Airport Of Bern:

85 km / 1 h

By train:

SBB trains go daily for short intervals.

By taxi or limousine:

Taxi service operates around the clock. You can order a limousine in our Concierge service. Continue reading

The all – Suite hotel is built on the shore

By 2017 in Moscow suburbs will construct the luxury hotel Hyatt

Russian hotelier and developer, Alexander Klyachin, intends to lead the international hotel chain Hyatt in the suburbs – agreed to the opening of the hotel on the Istra reservoir in Moscow region, 45 kilometers from Moscow.

The hotel under the Hyatt Regency brand will have a capacity of 168 rooms and 52 suites, the planned opening date is 2017, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”. The hotel has a conference hall, fitness centre, indoor and outdoor pools, as well as restaurants and shops.

Total amount of investment in the project will be 150-160 million dollars. The construction of the hotel will begin in the second half of 2014.

Moscow in recent years, noticeably increases the pace in the development of tourism. Every year the Russian capital visited by 5 million guests, half of them are citizens of CIS countries. It is planned that by 2025 the number of tourists in the city will triple.

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According to official data, there are about 400 hotels, most of them are located in the city center. Among them hotels and worldwide known brand names, which are the modern kings and presidents, and a nameless hostels for young people. By 2025, the city authorities intend Otkrytie 300 hotels. Continue reading

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