Parus hotel in Dubai Burj al Arab

Arriving at the weekend in Dubai, to settle down, I decided probably the most famous hotel in the world Burj al Arab (Burj Al Arab) . Arab or Arabian tower in Russian. But everyone calls it just the Sail as shape, the hotel resembles a traditional Arab sail. Each of us saw the pictures with the famous profile.

Burj Al Arab — the highest hotel in the world. It is a hotel, not a building like the Burj Khalifa. And she’s just fabulous darling. I think it will be interesting, as the hotel is Sail looks like from the inside, what’s so special that he has 7 stars? Although according to the international classification of hotels star happens no more than five.

The minimum room rate at the hotel, the Sail — 1,000 USD per night. Every guest of the enshrined majordomo, and each room has a system of “smart house”. Inside Dubai’s iconic hotel hollow – a huge hall, a giant aquarium and ceiling, which you can’t even see where it ends. The hotel Burj al Arab fundamentally used only the most expensive materials – natural stone, precious wood and even precious metals. For example, more than 8000 square meters of hotel is decorated by the usual gold. It took 100 tons of the Arab gold. All this seemed quite the same owners Sail, copyprotect its seven-star hotel. Although, again, the official classification such thing does not exist.

In Burj al Arab there are no ordinary rooms. The Sail 202 duplex suites. The smallest is 169, and the largest – 780 square meters. I would certainly, as a simple post-Soviet millionaire, took the largest room in the hotel Parus cost $ 20,000, but he was busy. Had to settle for an ordinary two-story Suite for $2850.

When I walked into made room, then I slipped out the word that it is better to replace “PI-and-and”. Afiget! Look, very cool! What a great view here! The huge Windows! I love when the Windows in human growth. The room is simply luxurious! Huge living room with lounge area, bar, gilded furniture, crystal chandeliers, brocade. On the second floor of a dressing room, unreal size bed, bathroom with Jacuzzi. If desired, in this room at the Burj Al Arab could safely accommodate fifty people! Pakistanis, for example. But today all this for me. Well, besides the fact that we are all Russian or Ukrainian tourists take away with you towels, Slippers, bathrobes and more, we Sail from the hotel you can not hesitate to take 100 milliliters of the spirits “Hermes”.

All control room consolidated in a single console, which allows you to change the microclimate, lighting, switch TV channels, control music and God knows what.

Few feel comfortable with the room at the Sail, I went to revel in the nightlife of Dubai. Not hanging around all two days of rest in Dubai at the hotel, even if it is Burj Al Arab . Do not waste fallen on me the possibility to party in the richest city in the world.

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