Plaza hotel in new York

Human rights activists prevent sale to the Sultan of Brunei’s famous Plaza hotel in new York

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The Human rights organization Human Rights Campaign is trying to resist the sale of one of the most famous hotels in the city homophobic Sultan of Brunei. Activists urge the residents of new York to declare the dictator-billionaire: “Go do business elsewhere”.

The Sultan owned company-operator of luxury hotels Dorchester Collection plans to purchase one of the most famous hotels in new York Plaza Hotel, as well as two other real estate – Dream Hotel in lower Manhattan and Grosvenor House Hotel in London Mayfair. According to preliminary estimates, the amount of the transaction is approximately $2 billion.

Analysts noted that the acquisition of the Plaza Hotel by the Sultan could have a negative impact on the reputation of the new York attractions. Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah became the object of harsh criticism by the international community in the introduction in may of this year, Sharia law, on which, in particular, it is punished homosexuals with death by stoning. However, criticism of the laws of Brunei from the United States did not affect the Sultan’s plans for the development of hotel business in America.

Previously, the American public demanded from the Sultan to sell his ownership in the U.S., and called for boycotting the Beverly Hills hotel in Californiai European hotels under the management of Dorchester Collection. For example, the Foundation film and television announced that the annual party before the award “Oscar” will not work in Beverly Hills: Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John and other celebrities refused to live in a hotel owned by a homophobic dictator. As representatives of the operator, the boycott has cost the hotel business of the Sultan in millions of dollars of losses.

Plaza Hotel, over a century old, is one of the most famous hotels in new York. He is depicted in many artistic works of literature and cinema, in particular, in the novel “the Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and the film “North by Northwest” of Alfred Hitchcock. Stayed at the hotel Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe and members of the band “the Beatles”, here was celebrated the marriage of sister of John F. Kennedy Patricia. Prices per room start at $1000 per night.

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