Ten hotels in the world, famous celebrities!

Memoirs of the stars store stories about how the rooms were created famous works and signed documents of historical importance.

Hotels, the guests who became celebrities mentioned in the guidebooks, but the price is usually hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Forbes selected 10 hotels, a preference which gave the stars of the first magnitude.

1. Copacabana Palace (Rio de Janeiro)

The price: from $593 per day

Since its opening in 1923, Copacabana Palace has the title of most luxurious hotel in Brazil. The hotel was one of the first was built directly on the sea, on the legendary white-sand Copacabana beach. In different years the hotel has hosted Ava Gardner and Yves Montand, Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale and Rudolf Nureyev, Nelson Mandela and bill Clinton.

2. Park Hyatt Tokio (Tokyo)

The price: from $635 per day

Five-star Park Hyatt Tokio, located in the business district of the Japanese capital of Shinjuku, known for not only making frequent stops here to sharks of business, but fans of the film “lost in translation” by Sofia Coppola. Apart from the fact that here lived a fulfilled starring Scarlett Johansson and bill Murray, the hotel has become the Central plusaccount filming. In many ways, the Director’s choice was predetermined by a splendid view of the city. Park Hyatt Tokio occupies the top 14 floors of a Shinjuku skyscraper, and the hotel Windows are visible Kanto valley and mount Fuji.

3. First Hotel Reisen (Stockholm)

Prices: from €185 per day

“As soon as you come out of the hotel with you, jumping out of the water, greeting salmon” – these lines belong to Joseph Brodsky and dedicated to the Stockholm, and the hotel, which was mentioned in them, called the First Hotel Reisen. Every summer from 1988 to 1994 the poet left the stuffy new York and a few weeks spent in Sweden. Here he either rented a small cottage, or occupied a corner room at First Hotel Reisen. For Brodsky, who has lived all his childhood and youth in a “room and a half” together with their parents, had a value of the size of the hotel rooms where he stayed. First Hotel Reisen he was small, but the lack of extra space was compensated by the view favorite element the poet – water. In the room where the partially Brodsky wrote “Quay incurable” and a number of poems, today, can stop anyone, and the price will not be much bite – by Stockholm standards.

4. Sofitel Metropole (Hanoi)

The price: from $210 per day

Built in French colonial style in the early twentieth century, today the Sofitel Metropole is the oldest hotel in Vietnam. Cafe and restaurant five-star hotels quickly became a popular meeting place for the cream of society, and in 1950-ies, after the country gained independence, the government chose the Sofitel Metropole as the official residence for distinguished guests. Although I stayed here celebrity. In 1936 his honeymoon with actress Paulette Goddard in the hotel held a Charlie Chaplin. Later in the walls of one of his novels wrote Somerset Maugham, and from the pen of Graham Greene came out of the prophetic novel “the Quiet American”. In the early 1970s, a few weeks at the Sofitel Metropole was held by the actress Jane Fonda, who had taken refuge there from the bombing and was editing a film about stationed in Vietnam American troops.

5. Danieli (Venice)

Prices: from £ 545 per day

Danieli Venice located on the Grand canal just steps from Piazza San Marco, can be considered one of the oldest hotels in the world. The Palazzo, which is now the hotel, was built in the XIV century and originally belonged to a noble family of Dandolo. In 1822, on one of the floors of the Palace hotel has earned, and after 18 years, all quarters of the Palazzo turned into a hotel room that has preserved the historic interiors. Things were going so well that soon the premises became too small and then to the original building were added two more, connected by bridges and crossings. Since Danieli started accepting guests to stay here were sought by many celebrities. The hotel was visited by Balzac, Dickens, Zola and Proust, and room number ten is still called the Aurora apartments Dudevant, better known as George sand, and Alfred de Musset.

6. Hassler Roma (Rome)

Prices: from £ 500 per day

In the second half of the nineteenth century the Swiss family Hassler acquired in Rome a hotel which in 1885 opened the doors to its first guests. The rooms feature antique furniture, Venetian mirrors and paintings by Italian artists, stayed the most famous people of his time. Prince Rainier III of Monaco and actress grace Kelly spent their honeymoon. Audrey Hepburn lived in Hassler Roma during the filming of “Roman holiday,” and Federico Fellini arranged in the conference hall of the meeting with the journalists. Today the Golden visitors ‘ book at is replete with the names of bill gates, Sharon stone, Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood, Madonna and Barbra Streisand come to the hotel’s beauty shop Mauro Lulli.

7. Chateau Marmont (Los Angeles)

The price: from $535 per day

Hotel the Chateau Marmont has been dubbed the most fashionable city of residence at the time of its opening in 1929. Designed in the manner of French castles, it became the first building in Los Angeles that are resistant to earthquakes. The owners of professed the principle of non-interference in the personal life of the guests, whose antics were often quite eccentric. So, the band members of Led Zeppelin rode naked through the corridors of the hotel on a motorcycle, and Jim Morrison several times jumped out of the window of your room.

8. Ritz Paris Palace (Paris)

Prices: from €850 per day

In the late nineteenth century Director of London’s “Savoy” and the Roman “Grand Hotel” Cesar Ritz decided to open in Paris “the perfect hotel”. They became the Ritz Paris Palace, which accepted its first guests in 1898. For a short time the hotel has become as much a symbol of Paris as the Eiffel tower and the Champs elysées, and numerous celebrities and even monarchs considered it their duty to stay here. Marcel Proust was often invited friends to your room with views of the Vendôme garden and hence made sketches of urban scenes and colorful characters. Ernest Hemingway took at the hotel, Marlene Dietrich and even Sartre wrote that “when the dreams of life in heaven after death, every time the action takes place in “Ritz”. It is Ritz Palace have made their home Coco Chanel lived in the hotel for over 30 years. And Princess Diana left the hotel restaurant just a few minutes before the tragic car accident.

9. The Savoy (London)

The price: ₤420 per day

Two years ago the British media was actively discussed the reconstruction of the hotel Savoy, which had spent a record ₤200 million. Repair has become the most expensive in the history of London, but was obliged to this high status of. The Savoy opened in 1889 and was the first hotel lit by electric lights, and equipped with elevators . Luxury hotels have attracted famous guests, including Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and many others. Even monarchs don’t overlook Savoy: so, a frequent guest of the hotel in the late nineteenth century was the future king Edward VII of England. But really glorified Savoy impressionist Claude Monet. The artist was so impressed with the views of the river Thames from your room, within a few months one after the other paintings, the most famous of which was the “Waterloo Bridge”.

10. Mena House (Cairo)

Prices: from £ 150 per day

About five-star hotel Mena House say he is in the shadow of the Egyptian pyramids. Indeed, it is the only hotel in Cairo, located at the foot of one of the wonders of the world. The building that today occupies the hotel Mena House was originally built in 1869 as the residence of the Viceroy of Egypt. After the opening of the Suez canal, the Palace passed into private hands, and in 1886 opened its doors to tourists. In the Mena House was a popular spot Winston Churchill. In particular, the Prime Minister of great Britain, lived here at the time of the Cairo conference, and every evening after discussion, the strategy of the Second world war he retired to his room (these apartments now bear his name) and admired the views of the pyramids.

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