The best hotels of the world

Second, in the list of best hotels in the world by the prestigious magazine “Travel + Leisure”, is the hotel Geejam . located in Jamaica in the town of San San, near Port Antonio. Surprisingly, the hotel has just seven rooms and all of them suites. On the interior of the villas has been designed, known around the world. All finishing materials are natural and very expensive, manufacturing the most modern and most reliable plumbing products available on the market. However, this highlight Geejam . The fact that the hotel has a professional recording Studio, where he worked with many famous musicians, including Gorillaz, Gwen Stefani and Björk. It is clear that on a tropical island in the ocean the inspiration comes far more often than in grey London.

The Geejam hotel offers Spa services. On its territory there are swimming pool and gym. Private beach is located in a beautiful lagoon, but if you are not satisfied with the narrow section of the Caribbean sea, surrounded by cliffs, very close pitched their Sands of Frenchman’s Cove – voted one of the top five beaches in the world.

The richness of the garden, in which are located the villas, the envy of any Botanical garden. Here restationed, breadfruit, cashew, plums, carambola and so on which are laid stone paths connecting the wooden deck.

The price for stay includes a series of exclusive services. Select any of the 50 international publications, and you will get the newspaper or a magazine once their publication the duration of your stay. You will be available to broadband Internet throughout Geejam . You will be able to rent a car with driver for local trips.

The restaurant serves Jamaican, Japanese and continental cuisine. The bar serves fresh juices, various teas, coffee, and lunch and dinner a variety of cocktails and clean drinks.

The hotel Geejam is designed to quiet secluded rest and relaxation surrounded by amazing nature. The cost of accommodation in the hotel from 330 to 1440 euros per night depending on the Villa booked.

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