The famous hotel

The famous British hotel Savoy sold the piano, which was played by Frank Sinatra

A large white piano, which was once played by Frank Sinatra, was sold at Bonhams auction in four times more than its original cost. London’s famous Savoy hotel, which was a tool began to sell off their decoration before large-scale reconstruction of the value of 202 million dollars, writes The New York Times .

The piano was sold for 23 thousand dollars at auction, which lasted three days. “We knew that this sale will be a special event, but to be honest, were surprised by the hype that arose on the first day of the auction,” – said the expert on furniture of trading house Harvey Cammell.

Since the opening of the Savoy in 1889 in his apartment stayed Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart and members of The Beatles. Claude Monet painted there, a view of the river Thames, and the first chef of the hotel was the famous chef Auguste Escoffier

Up for auction gathered 4 thousand people. Among 3 thousand of lots was presented with oak flooring covering the floor of a dance hall. It was sold for 10 thousand dollars. Driven to the wall and the ashtray went under the hammer for $ 1300. In addition, the auction were bought numerous beds, curtains and chandeliers.

It is expected that the reconstruction of the famous hotel will last 16 months. Engineers promise that the hotel’s interior is made of preimushestvenno the style of “art Deco”, will be saved, but the comfort level will increase significantly: in the updated building offers all amenities of modern day living, ranging from plumbing and finishing with electronics.

General Manager at Ciaran McDonald said that while reconstruction is important to preserve the historical face of the hotel. The original Edwardian style of the building with the predominance of conservative luxury of the XIX century was updated in the 1930s and has been updated with fashionable at that time, the elements of style “art Deco” style, characterized by bright colors and geometric shapes. Now the designers decided not to mix styles of different eras, and just split the hotel into two zones – the art Deco and Edwardian, reports RBC Daily .

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