The history of the Imperial hotel

Tradition in providing services of the highest quality

The hotel Imperial in Karlovy vary is an important architectural monument. It was built in the early 20th century. At that time, he was very popular and was one of the best hotels of a class “Lux” in Karlovy vary. So it is today.

The famous hotel famous guests

PAL Schmitt President of Hungary (the visegrád group meeting, 2010)

Bronisław Komorowski – President of Poland (session of visegrád group 2010)

Ivan gašparovič – President of Slovakia (the visegrád group meeting, 2010)

Vaclav Klaus President of the Czech Republic

Milos Zeman – President Czech Republic

The hotel “Imperial” owes its fame to Lord Richard Westbury.

Built for demanding customers

The impressive building of the hotel harmoniously fits into the landscape of carlsbad and meet strict criteria the architecture of the resorts that give great importance to artistic detail, to the feeling of space and comfort, was inaugurated on 18 June 1912.

The idea to build this “fairy” of the international Grand hotel in Karlovy vary born banker and industrialist Alfred Svalba. At the beginning of the last century he bought a building plot located above the town, which at that time already suffered from a lack of places for entertaining guests. Hire an experienced French architect Ernst Hebrard, kotoryiy part in the design of buildings in Hanoi and Thessaloniki in Greek. According to his design and under his leadership grew in 1910 and 1912 on the hill “Elenin yard” is a new landmark of the city. Grand hotel Imperial, incidentally, was the first facility in the Czech Republic, built on a new, at that time, the technology of cast concrete.

Modern hotel – modern transport

Complex hilly terrain near the “Imperial” required a more modern and fast way of delivery of the guests from the town centre, rather than horse-drawn vehicles. Through the influence of Lord Westberry, managed to obtain the consent of the city authorities for the construction of two lifts . which is implemented, those already mentioned, Alfred Shwalb. So we don’t have to additionally buy the land and demolish some houses, cable cars were built in the tunnel. City Council with the construction agreed, because he did not violate any kind of romantic elevated position near Vridlo.

For the project came from the famous Swiss engineer Emil Strub, helped it professionals from Italy. In December 1905 at the Theater square commenced its construction. The tunnel was simultaneously laid over top of the road Neosystem.

All 127 meters of the route were single track with a siding in the middle of the road. From may 10, 1907 the movement was provided by Carlsbad electric cable car two wooden open wagons. At that time the funicular only worked in the summer. No serious damage was worked until 1955. Then it was decided on its reconstruction, during which it replaced all of the mechanical equipment. Old model cars went before 1961 then the wooden frame was replaced with metal. During the next General reconstruction, completed in 1987. renovated the tunnel and purchased new cars. Since then, the funicular “Imperial” is an integral part of Karlovy vary city transport and runs every 15 minutes during the day.

The other line of rail road was commissioned shortly before the opening of the Grand hotel “Imperial” in June 1912. Had a length of 126 meters and its slope reached an incredible 57 degrees! This line was on the surface, has experienced two world wars, but in 1959 it was closed due to poor technical condition.

“Good times”

Grand hotel Imperial has quickly gained international fame, largely due to the fact that in those years in Karlovy vary every year come to 70 thousand visitors – most of all for the ancient history of the famous resort. His first famous guests from among the aristocracy, politicians, entrepreneurs, and tycoons has provided the hotel “Imperial”, first of all, luxury living conditions. In those days guests from overseas and from England began to bring a new type of entertainment and a new lifestyle. In Karlovy vary appear tennis courts, Golf courses and Racecourse.

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