The most expensive hotel

The title of the most expensive hotel in the world, went to famed Marina Bay Sands. It is located in the territory of Singapore. The owner is a Corporation, Las Vegas Sands, which had to be spent on the construction of about $ 8 billion. For a more visual comparison, it is worth noting that the project of building the tallest skyscraper in the world, which height reaches 828 meters, managed to owners in $ 1.5 billion. Owned Corporation, which sold an incredibly expensive project, there are several major casinos located in the vastness of Las Vegas.

A good vacation will allow hotels metro trade Union which is passing close by. But to immerse themselves in luxury, wealth and prosperity is possible only in a Bay Sands, which is the owner of five stars. The facility is located luxury casino take up much space, which is located about five hundred gaming tables and not less than fifteen hundred machines. The architecture of the hotel is so unique that annually attracts huge number of tourists every year. The building’s design – three luxury towers, the tops of which covers the ship’s three decks, with an area of 12 450 square meters. Each tower is a building with 55 floors.

The deck of the ship is a different story. On it, at a height of 200 m of the surface of the earth is mysterious “sky Park”. Such luxury does not exist anywhere, and the popular Petrogradsky apartments which are very close, offer optimal conditions at an affordable cost. Back to the Park. At its open spaces there are about 250 species of trees and 600 species of plants. The highlight of the institution can be called a waterfall with a pool. An artificial pond at 150 meters is a leader among the existing ponds at that altitude. The cost of walking through the garden of Eden is 20 dollars, and for children – $ 15. Entry is only open to residents of the hotel.

The cost of living in the hotel, which is located in 2560 rooms starts from $ 400. To imagine how much the most expensive room is just problematic. Infrastructure includes restaurants and a theater, Spa center and many shops. Close to the establishment is the ArtScience Museum, which are the work of Studio SafdieArchitects. The structure has the shape of a Lotus flower, which only opens.

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