The most expensive hotels

Today there are many expensive hotels around the world where people literally bathe in luxury and wealth. In such hotels, he created a chic atmosphere of comfort and amazing comfort. There are dozens of unique modern hotels, which are considered the best and expensive, where’s the rest

travelers will be most comfortable and wonderful. Interestingly in some countries, the best hotels are not necessarily the most expensive. The main task of any hotel is providing unique comfort, it must necessarily attract tourists and create special unique atmosphere.

1. Al Maha, Dubai, UAE. Wonderful iconic hotel Almaha in the rankings is in a better place and if it is considered the best in the world, one of the best that’s for sure. This hotel is made with the latest comfort and technology, this elegant lush richness of the famous Dubai. It is without a doubt one of the best special hotels where you can fun and just fabulous to spend your holidays. The level of service here is just gorgeous and exceptional, so is equal to this hotel almost no on the planet Earth. Dormitory rooms here are simply exceptional, appropriate confidentiality is observed, individual awesome service. And, as many say, no matter how bilibisky standard person, this hotel will surpass them as well.

2. The Ritz, London, UK. This is an amazing quaint hotel with 5 stars, which is literally a symbol of luxury and ancient European traditions. The city of London is one of the most interesting and exciting in the world and the Ritz is the best in this country and in other European countries. The level of service here is the best and highest, so accommodation here is luxurious and unique. Today, this property boasts a great reputation as one of the most beautiful places in London.

3. Waldorf Astoria, new York, USA. Amazing Waldorf Astoria is a sample of the amazing hospitality of new York city. This hotel is literally the flagship of the hotel’s exclusive line of America. This hotel is small, but is considered one of the most exclusive and luxurious. This place is very famous, and the rest here is just amazing, so many wealthy people are resting here. Waldorf Astoria is the perfect combination of luxury, good service, glamor and charm of modernity.

4. Park Hyatt, Sydney, Australia. This hotel is luxurious and at the same time quite simple, it’s a combination of European luxury and amazing traditions. The level of service here is of the highest quality, there are several fine restaurants and activities for tourists. The principle here suggested the same thing in many other top hotels of the planet, but it is very nice and especially elegant. This 5 star hotel is famous for the quality of life and service, and the hotel has just wonderful views of the local harbour, the Opera house and great bridge in the harbour.

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