The most expensive hotels in the world

President Wilson (Geneva, Switzerland) to climb to the top of the chart Geneva hotel allowed for an impressive price to pay for those who will want to stop in the Royal penthouse – 54 000 dollars. Slate Board, leather, black onyx on the walls, inlaid with Swarovski crystals on the floor, objects of art, created by Korean sculptor Jae-Hyo Lee, leaves silver grey on the ceiling, mosaics in platinum, large plasma screens, a chandelier of pearls — all the items in the lobby of the hotel. In the most expensive room in the world You will deliver a private Elevator, and if you want to throw a party – in Seating for 40 people. Such beauty and well guarded – in the room of bulletproof glass.

Palms Casino (Las Vegas, USA) owned by Hugh Hefner the hotel is the second most expensive number in the world – Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. The room is located on the 34th floor and offers all you need for the vacation in Playboy style – the items of furniture with the famous logo (personally selected by the owner), Jacuzzi in the open air and a rotating bed. Living room,dining room and a bar attached.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) Bronze medal winner of this honorary list is Tokyo The Ritz-Carlton with Carlton suite room cost 17 $ 200 per night. His giant size 1 292 square feet allows to fit a lot of luxuries, but its centerpiece is the beautiful views of mount Fuji. Carlton suite is located on the top floor of the tallest building Tokyo which is The Ritz-Carlton.

Martinez hotel (Cannes, France) Pictures in the Presidential Suite here range from 13 700 to 43 800 dollars. Cannes is a place where we like to see stars (and many of them stayed in this room), so the decor is extravagant and impressive. In the room there are 2 living rooms, two dining rooms, four bedrooms, Turkish bath and sauna. The Windows offer views of the Bay.

Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi, UAE) Price 12 $ 251 this hotel is considered to be the most expensive in the middle East. With a true Arabian luxury best room is covered in gold, marble and chandeliers of Swarovski crystals. In General, this is a real Palace of fairy tales “1001 nights”. Even the possessions of kings and sheikhs will have to fade before the brilliance of this masterpiece of art hotel.

Burj Al Arab (Dubai, UAE) Another hotel from the UAE, famous for its form in the shape of a sail. The Royal Suite will cost you 6 $ 800 per night. It is located on the 25th floor of the hotel and impresses with its marble staircase and gold and rugs with leopard prints. For true movie fans here have a private room for viewing. If this is all You get tired, you can fly the helicopter (with extra money).

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