The most famous hotels carved into the rocks

Non-standard living conditions increasingly attract the attention of travelers with experience. Book a tour online they prefer one that would include not only an interesting route, but also the original properties. The interest is associated primarily with the desire to become acquainted with the most unusual nature and unique architecture of millenniums.

1. Gamirasu (Cappadocia, Turkey)

Want to experience the atmosphere of the Byzantine monastery of the VIII century of our era? Then feel free to go to Cappadocia at the Gamirasu hotel! It looks like a fabulous building and not like a modern hotel. The building stands out with its bright white facade surrounded by green vegetation and unusual shape, leading into the rock. In these places there is peace and quiet and eye pleasing untouched nature. Tourists can choose austere cell with its old stone walls and the bed or more spacious, equipped with the benefits of civilized space. In this case, and in those in the other rooms, there are unique frescos that can be admired for hours. Teliakathari deluxe with large terrace and great view will cost $ 130.

2. The Cuevas del Tio Tobas (Spain )

A vivid example of the unusual dwelling is a hotel-cave Cuevas del Tio Tobas in Spain. Once it was an active mine for the extraction of silver. It is considered that development here began during the reign of Julius Caesar. This real historical fact coupled with modern comfort gives extra kudos to local apartments. What attracts the hotel Roman times many guests? First of all, the fact that it has a large, lined with bright paved terrace, laid out ornamental gardens and a luxurious accommodation, which is always kept natural, very comfortable temperatures and, of course, surprised by the stunningly beautiful views from the Windows.

3. Les Hautes Roches (Rochecorbon, France)

Stay in a historic hotel with a rich past will surely provide you with a great impression. Surprised not only a magnificent building, carved in the white stone, but its shape: projecting tower and rounded Windows. The hotel is covered by pergola and is immersed in silence and tranquility. Earlier in this mansion held a Church service, as this was a monastery that belonged to the Mormons. Today interior fittings of the hotel are fully subordinated to the needs of the most discerning traveler, but the atmosphere for centuries sacred place still reminds of itself. By the way, the restaurant in the monastery has a prestigious Michelin star, and this is another feature of this unique facility in the mountains.

4. Guhantara (Bangalore, India )

Searching for the philosophical meaning of life and a new perception of everyday things in India go to the cave hotel named Guhantara. It is made in the style of ancient Indian architecture and striking in its appearance and surrounding area. In it have to appease not only the original cave rooms with an open ceiling that gives the opportunity to admire the stars and moon, but also an amphitheatre for 700 people, one wall of which falls a beautiful waterfall. Rooms have different shapes, but usually it is a round arch, powerful columns inside, fancy lighting and exquisite greenery, extraordinarily in harmony with the strict structure of natural stone. In Guhantara is possible to comprehend the mysteries of yoga and find peace of mind, such as that of Buddhist monks.

5. Rifugio Torre di Pisa (Cavinton, Val di Fiemme, Italy )

The location of this famous hotel, hard to reach, but it is worth visiting, since the complex is in a fantastic location that cannot be described in words. In fact, it is a real fortress, fits perfectly into the mysterious landscape of the Dolomites. The hotel Rifugio Torre di Pisa tourist will fall, making his way on foot, to overcome which it is possible to average 2 hours, but still no tourist do not regret about it. Majestic mountains are of striking shades, grey and pink colors, while the landscape is truly beautiful backdrop for shooting a fantastic film or creating paintings. The rooms in this modest hotel, but with necessary amenities. Due to the unique construction and distinctive nature of this hotel love to visit the tourists who know a lot about the entertainment and appreciate the miraculous beauty.

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