The most famous of Busan hotels

Busan is a city of rivers, roads and tourist ships. Tourists

Busan is a city of rivers, roads and tourist ships. The tourists go there in order to be in the rhythm of the beating heart of modern Korea, to breathe the sea air and engage in active sports that can be done on mountain or island areas in the city. Attracts everyone and that there are several natural parks and natural resorts, the island with a sandy beach and unique Korean culture and tradition.

Acquaintance with the city starts from the Busan hotel. And there are only two kinds of hotels that can, depending on the capabilities of interest to travelers: hotels are expensive, and not very much. The best and most famous in both categories later in the article.

Park Hyatt Busan – deserved five stars, the peak of modernity and convenience. High-rise building of the hotel allows the tourists to see almost the entire city from above from the Windows of the room, upstairs balcony special view. The rooms are equipped with the latest technology, Windows from floor to ceiling, shower in a tropical style. The location of the hotel is a new area of Change with green parks, cafés and shops. To the same name with the beach a small distance, about 5 minutes away by regularly passing transport. Corresponding to the stars and the menu at the hotel’s restaurants, which is famous among foreign tourists with nacionaliniame, which previously spoke only appetizing books about Korea and Koreans. Perfect for people who appreciate a good rest and are ready to pay for it as long as necessary.

Another luxury hotel – The Westin Chosun Busan. The expensive five-star hotels it is the perfect for visiting businessmen. The most optimal location to the business centers of Busan and good opportunities in terms of routes to Seoul. Close to the beach and Hiking trail, along which stretched rows of souvenir and clothing shop Windows. The hotel building is multi-storey, the rooms in business style. In each Fax, answering machine and some additional accessories which are so valuable for people making business trips. Another plus – Wi-Fi Internet in every room without any restrictions. In his free time, visitors can afford Hiking to places of historical achievements, interesting architectural buildings, museums and cafes.

From simpler hotels – Hotel Angel. There is not much room available and do not claim the luxury style, but vacationers will find in your room a computer station with Internet access, all necessary things for rest, comfortable beds and pleasant interior in pastel colours. There is talk that directly to a few hundred meters away is the metro, a few kilometers airport Kinha, which will most likely have to get to the hotel. Guests can enjoy complimentary Breakfast, a bar and lounge café.

Next on the list of Toyoko Inn Busan Haeundae. Simple and cheap hotel 3 stars. Great choice of accommodation for travelers whose priority is the acquaintance with cultural values of cities. To go to the hotel from the airport is also very convenient, near. Near the Haeundae beach and souvenir shops. Around the hotel are cafes and parks. Good place for families with adolescent children. The room is clean and tidy, have TV. You can easily access the world wide web. Economical and convenient option for practical travelers.

There are many hotels that can satisfy the tastes of readers, but these combine quality and price in perfect harmony.

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