The most unusual hotels in the world

If a room with a double bed, a private bathroom and a Minibar are standard and boring, welcome to the most unusual hotels in the world . We continue to review the most unusual hotels .

Propeller Island City Lodge in Germany

Fantasy is another name for this hotel. The idea and its development belongs to the German artist and owner Lars Stroshane. The bed in the form of a crypt, mirrors instead of walls, a room with a guillotine and the room with the destroyed wall – all for connoisseurs horor-style. This place equate to a real work of art. So the guests are forbidden to produce .

Crazy bear in England

The hotel’s name translates to English as “crazy bear”. And you can verify that it is justifiable. In one of the rooms accentuated the bleakness blending into the whole decor of gold. The other room has curved walls and ceiling are decorated with upholstery in red leather. The hotel is also famous for a wide selection of English and Thai cuisine.

Chateau De Bagnols in France

To spend the night in an ancient castle – the dream of any romance. Chateau De Bagnols – elegant hotel, courtyard in the castle of the XVIII century. The decoration of the rooms are pictures in old frames and antiparallel. From all sides the castle is surrounded by vineyards of the Beaujolais province. Be transported to another era is worth more than any luxury.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Three towers height of 200 meters (55 floors) has posted on its vertices terrace – a gondola with swimming pools and gardens. The outdoor pool is surrounded by invisible walls which create the impression that at the height of the water dropped. During the voyage you can get pleasure not only from the procedure itself, but also to observe the panorama Singapore. The hotel couldn’t be faulted for choice of entertainment: casino, shops, bars, restaurants.

Icehotel in Sweden

The largest ice hotel Lapland area of 5500 m2. Receiving visitors varies from December to April. However, to reserve the room in advance, because there wanting to sleep a lot. The room temperature – 5°C, and sculptures and furniture made of ice, respectively. Morning visitors with extremely hot drinks.

San Domeico Palace Hotel in Italy

The Sicilian location of the hotel was a monastery complex of the XV century. The hotel was founded, added additional rooms to the monastery. In the arrangement of pool, SPA, several restaurants. It is worth mentioning that possible to see mount Etna, which is located nearby.

Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica

The most unusual hotels in the world
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