The rest as in the film’s most famous hotels from the movies

To feel yourself a hero of your favorite film, not necessarily buy a suit and learn a role – you can just live there, where was this masterpiece. For example, many of which appear in the films, there are still and take your pick.

Going to the Czech Republic, everyone will be able to walk in the footsteps of movie stars. You can choose Prague hotels prices per room, in which, despite the high level, remain quite reasonable. However, there is in this country hotel, which chose to continue the story about James bond. In the Grandhotel Pupp was filmed a few episodes of “Casino Royale”, however, according to the script, it was not the Czech Republic, and Montenegro.

Favorite picture of all fashionistas of “Sex and the city” made even more famous by several hotels. For example, from the Windows of the Hôtel Plaza Athénée Carrie Bradshaw admired the views of the Eiffel tower, here she stayed with her fiance. This friendly hotel attracts tourists from all over the world. Of course, the rooms here are not cheap, but the quality of accommodation and service are worth the money. In the second part of the story of the fate of scores of girls in Abu Dhabi. However, few people know that actually the shooting took place in hotel Amanjena in Marrakech. The hotel impresses with luxury finishes and offers apartments and decent padishahs.

Probably the most popular hotel, Figuerola in one picture Hollywood Directors, is the Fairmont San Francisco. World glory he brought Alfred Hitchcock, who directed here Thriller “Vertigo”. The film won two Golden statuettes, and the hotel is a huge interest to art lovers. Later it starred in such films as “the Rock” Michael Bay, “midnight lace” David Miller, “Junior” Ivan Reitman and many others.

For those who crave entertainment, but for some reason can’t afford a long journey, will love cinogenicity, the appearance of which has been already predicted in Russia. Those who always chose the Isaac hotel Saint Petersburg may soon offer another attractive option, namely the Paramount Hotel. A distinctive feature of this institution will be the presence of a small cinema. Guests can watch their favorite movies of the Studio without leaving the building. Where exactly will be located like this hotel, it is not yet known, but the creators promise that the long wait of the opening is not necessary.

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