Unusual hotel made of ice

Ice hotel Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, discovered 25 years ago, will be renovated and welcomes its guests already in December of this year.

The hotel is 200 kilometers from the Arctic circle and made entirely of ice and snow. This is truly a miracle of architectural and engineering work.

Every year, hundreds of sculptors from around the world submit their entries in which they offer their own version of the room design for the hotel.

The jury selects some works and invites authors to Sweden in November and December, so their ideas are translated into reality.

This year we selected a few designs to choose from. Ideas for rooms will be very different from rainforest orangutans to unusual work called “Time Piece” (in translation from English. chronometer).

An unusual hotel made of ice

In each room guest will find one bed made of ice blocks, a thick mattress and reindeer skin.

In addition, there is a sturdy sleeping bag can warm the person when the temperature is -7 degrees Celsius.

During the day the rooms are empty, it turns into art installation for visitors.

In the new season, the hotel will boast a new private room where the bride and groom can celebrate their wedding in the “ice” setting.

Hall under the name”Aurora Hall” will have a separate entrance for the newlyweds, the stage for performances, as well as a wall made of real ice, which create special acoustics and allow sunlight to illuminate the room.

In addition to 61 rooms, will be updated famous ice bar, restaurant, theater, and also installed an unusual sculpture of a unicorn.

Guests can enjoy active recreation on the snowmobile, dog sledding, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing cross-country.

Season 2014/2015 will start in December and will last till March, and in April the hotel begins to melt.

The ice hotel in Sweden

Each year the artists get the chance to make an unusual, beautiful work for the ice hotel. On the picture is a sculpture called “Before the Big Bang” (Before the Big Bang), which was presented last season.

Each room is designed with its own theme, which runs a separate sculptor. In the image room, called “It’s alive” (It’s Alive), created by sculptors Karl-Ehan Ceretom (Karl-Johan Ekeroth) and Christian Stromqvist (Christian Str?mqvist). The authors took as a basis the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein.

This elegant room, named “Absinthe Minded” and was developed by sculptors of Tiasa Gusterson (Tjasa Gusfors) and Ulrici Calving (Ulrika Tallving).

Reindeer skins and heavy mattresses are simply necessary for a person in cold Arctic nights. The image room called “the Nest” (Nest) from Maurizio Perron.

Refreshing cocktails: guests can try their ice bar in “Lost and Found”, which is open for them throughout the season.

The ice hotel is the ideal place to see the Northern lights. It is worth noting that the hotel has a special room for this.

Amazing attention to detail in the room “Frozty Flower” (Frozen flower) is the hallmark sculptors Natsuki Saito (Saito Natsuki) and Shingo Saito (Saito Shingo).

This room, designed in the art Deco style, and named “a face in the crowd” (A Face In The Crowd) the ice chair standing next to the picture. Authors: Mikael “Nil” Nilsson (Mikael “Nille” Nilsson) and Ingemar Almeras (Ingemar Almeros).

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