Unusual hotels in historic buildings

To place hotels in historic buildings is a thankless task, especially if this place went the train, sat the criminals, or praying monks. Needless to say, the emotional component is the area where you are going to open the hotel, is extremely important. And who can guarantee that the building will serve the new owners for many years? However, there are those brave comrades who are not afraid to open their hotels to the site of a former monastery, coffee plantations, the railway station of the Embassy. Today we will tell you about these unusual hotels.

Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Boutique hotel Santa Teresa, built on the same hill in Rio, was once a colonial mansion owned by the owners of the coffee plantations. Her owner died, leaving no heirs, so the earth decided to purchase the new owners, who built here a five-star hotel.

They almost have not changed the surrounding area, leaving everything as it was before them.

There was a large garden and a pool, which resulted in proper form.

Next to the pool built terraces in the evening hours, dinner and live music.

The hotel itself is fully decorated in Brazilian style, and given the past of this mansion, on the floors are bags of coffee beans, which exude udivitelnye tart flavor.

All the materials that were used in the decoration are natural. This linen and bamboo and statues in the rooms of mahogany, and much more. Rooms are very spacious and almost all have views of the city.

Spa-center offers its guests an unforgettable Brazilian massage with local essential oils and a glass of champagne.

Excellent cuisine complemented by a magnificent bar situated on the veranda. So in the evening, when the scorching sun sets behind the horizon, you can go to the pool for a few drinks of Caipirinha.

The price — from $450 per day

To stay at the hotel Santa Teresa

Mandarin Oriental Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

This hotel is located on the left Bank of the Vltava river, in quiet area, close to many of the main attractions of Prague. Once this place was an ancient Dominican monastery, which had a huge impact on the interior of the Mandarin Oriental .

And it’s vaulted ceilings in the rooms and wooden beams that hold the walls, and even a restaurant, many dishes are based on products used by monks.

Mandarin Oriental is a beautiful combination of modern design and historical architecture. It is both a luxury hotel and a beautifully preserved history page that I want to read from beginning to end.

The hotel has 99 rooms and suites, a fine restaurant, bar and a superb Spa.

The restaurant “Essensia” and bar “Barego” serves modern Czech and Asian cuisine, also offers a large selection of drinks.

In the only Spa in the world located in a former Renaissance chapel, you are invited to immerse in the tranquility and find your own balance.

The price — from € 285 per night

To live in the hotel Mandarin Oriental Prague

Union Station Hotel, Nashville, tn, USA

Americans, perhaps, are the biggest fans of giving old places new life. So the Union Station hotel in Nashville was opened in the former train station, built in 1900 and closed in 1977.

A special Commission for the protection of historical monuments has made the station into a list of Nizametdinov and it ceased to be used as directed.

The first hotel was opened in 1982, as the saying goes, in haste. In the early 2000s it was renovated and opened in its current form.

Vaulted ceilings, unique stained glass Windows, marble floors have been preserved since the time of existence of the station. It was a requirement of the Commission is to preserve the maximum of what was used during the operation of the station.

Each room has not only its own characteristics, but common features, such as: high ceilings, flat-screen TVs and plush blankets.

The restaurant offers typical American food, especially Breakfast is good here, the portions that will have you on all day.

In the lobby you can enjoy a drink and some lunch and dinner. There is an excellent gym with modern equipment and a small Spa.

The rate is from $209 per day

California Sofitel Santa Clara, Cartagena, Colombia

In Columbia Cartagena hotel Sofitel Santa Clara California . located in the former convent of the XVII century. To lead the hotel in the proper form, it was restored several times.

The builders and the architects managed to preserve the corridors with arches, wells, of which the monks took water, and small courtyards, where they grew flowers. Now the hotel is a perfect mix of old and new, the balance of art, beauty and modern technology.

Most of the rooms the 122 rooms have views of the Caribbean sea, as well as terraces and balconies. The modern restaurant offers South American cuisine and a huge wine selection. We recommend you to opt for a wines from Chile.

The bar is located on the site of the monastery kitchen, and consequently, it is not such big sizes, as a restaurant. Here you can enjoy delicious cocktails, cigars and live music.

Not done in the hotel without Spa center with a huge swimming pool. a traditional Hammam and Spa treatments.

The price is from $370 per day

Sue Das, Berlin, Germany

Once in place, this modern hotel was the Danish Embassy, which was built in 1930 year, it is not surprising that the new owners decided to preserve and classical facade, and heavy balconies, and columns, and ornate staircases.

This is a true example of mixing the avant garde and traditional luxury. We can say that the hotel is impressive in its monumentality, which features German architecture from many others. The interior of the hotel is not inferior to its external decoration.

Long staircases and a huge chandelier with hundreds of light bulbs have come on for the first time here unforgettable impression. Not to mention crocodile’s mouth, which reminds the guests about the proximity of Berlin zoo.

Chief designer at Patricia Urquiola openly declared that the creation of a decor inspired by the zoo.

In Das Sue has two restaurants, which are managed by Spanish chef Paco Perez . whose dishes were awarded Michelin stars. There is both molecular and Mediterranean cuisine, the menu of which was developed specifically for the hotel. There is also a pool and Spa.

The price — from €280 per day

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