Unusual hotels in St. Petersburg

We present to Your attention unusual hotels and hostels in St. Petersburg.

The Hotel “Rachmaninov”

This wonderful hotel is located in the heart of St. Petersburg on Kazanskaya street, in the vicinity of attractions of the Savior on spilled blood, Kazan Cathedral, Palace square, etc. Best location for tourists. Like most mini-hotels in St. Petersburg Rakhmaninov located in the former communal apartments. The front is very nice decorated with silhouettes of people.

Creative decorated the reception is pleasing to the eye.

The hotel “Rachmaninov” 25 nomerov. Special attention is attracted unusual painted doors in these rooms. On the anniversary (5th anniversary) of the hotel group of St. Petersburg artists painted the doors on the themes of the music of Rachmaninoff.

The hotel “Rachmaninov” is an ideal place for tourists who want to plunge into the world of art and feel the spirit of the city on the Neva!

The Hotel “Antonio’s House”

The hotel “Antonio’s house” with 19 rooms, all of them are unique. Each room is dedicated to one of the cities in Europe.There is Stockholm, and Cologne, and romantic Venice. Breakfast at the hotel included in the room rate. By the way, “Antonio house” the clock is a restaurant with excellent cuisine.

In addition to the reception and rooms, the hotel has two spacious halls for video/TV,a warming fireplace. And there is a library! In General, the hotel is very cozy and really homey atmosphere. This romantic hotel is ideal for people who value coziness and comfort.

Hotel “Red Stars”

The next unusual hotel Saint Petersburg hotel “Red Stars”. Walls of painted graffiti. Looks incredible! Each floor has its own theme – Brazil, Japan, Africa or America – You choose. The design of the rooms and the hotel in General, careful attention to detail and looks perfect.

The hotel has no kitchen, but there is a bar. This hotel is ideal for a creative and neordinarnyh personalities.

Dear guests of our city! The company Wanted Guide will help You find a hotel for the soul. When you call us, You’ll understand how easy and profitable!

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