Unusual hotels: trains and planes

To turn the trip into an unusual event will help you stay in unusual hotels. Creatives offer a variety of ideas on placement of hotels in the most unusual places. Today we take a brief overview of hotels that have become local landmarks. All the attention will be paid to the trains and planes and living conditions in them.

The Old Railway Station — the name of the first hotel of our review, which found a secluded place in the building of the old railway station. This place connects its history with the Royal family, as it is for the Prince of Wales in the late 19th century, this station was built. Composition complement the well-known hotel Pullmann cars. The luxury with which the cars were removed, has been preserved until today and kills with its beauty visitors. A night in this hotel will cost from 250 euros.

Railholiday — another hotel-train. For its location he chose Albion. However the history of this hotel is not known to the General public. The whole hotel is in a mail car. Offers to your attention four room apartment. The prices here are more affordable and one day stay here, the visitor will have to pay 100 euros.

Karrels Double K Ranch in the U.S. — the hotel, the rooms are old cars. Let them and carefully painted,but not completely hiding an old feature of the hotel boxcar. He is also preablation tive in the room. The rooms for visitors waiting for a little surprise — here is everything you need for modern life — appliances, cable TV.

Il-18 in the Netherlands turned into a hotel Airplane Suite. There is only one luxury room and conference hall for meetings no more than 15 people. Want to give a loved one the world stay in this hotel for a night if traveling in the Netherlands. The cockpit remained the same as in 1960, when there were real pilots.

Greater storage capacity can boast of the hotel Jumbo Hostel in Sweden.Here you can choose rooms of different comfort level and for every taste — there are exactly 26 more than in the previous hotel. That this hotel is located in the plane also resembles something quite close to reception. Prices start from 100 euros per night.

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